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Colorobbia S.p.A, has been producing colors for ceramics since 1921 and has been focusing for a long time its expertise on the R&D of highly specialized products for all sectors of decoration, in particular for the ceramic tile industry. Competent human resources have developed special materials such as: Precious Metals, Granular Glazes and Colors for the decoration of industrial and artistic ceramic, porcelain and glass; Precious Metals for digital decoration (Aurodigital series), Cold processing Paints & Resins for ceramic tiles and glass; Glazes and Engobes for the Brick & Roof Tile industry; High-temperature Coloured Glazes.
With over 5,000 dedicated products for decoration,
Colorobbia Specialties is able to meet all Customer’s requirements. Colorobbia’s laboratories and highly qualified technicians have always been the Company’s real strength and guarantee the quality and stability of products, thus contributing to the enlargement of the ceramic supply through technical and aesthetic innovations.  

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